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bb blog



bb blog

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Beginners, 2011 (dir. Mike Mills)

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Andy Warhol’s Polaroids 

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Song: Time Has Come Again
Artist: The Last Shadow Puppets
Album: The Age Of The Understatement
Played: 1166 times

Without permission
His face became wet
He thought that he learned
How to not get upset

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nature & vintage blog


nature & vintage blog
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This is just another giveaway, it’s not combined with the other one that’s currently going on, so there will be 2 winners to be chosen. I was changing my summer Clothes to winter and I just found a few things that I BARELY use or I just bought and were too big for me. A lot of you have been requesting items that aren’t small or x-small so here it is:


- daisy stripped high waist pants
Nothing wrong with it but was an online purchase that was too big for me lol (M)

- sad but rad sweater (m)

- white daisy dress with mesh top (xs)

- acid wash tee (L)

- black top bralette swim swear (xs)

- high wait jean shorts (m) too big 4 me

- cropped black tank (xs)

- floral bralette (xs)

- white lace top (m) I really liked this top but when I got it online it was too big for me -cries-


- must be following me on tumblr: www.rabbitsduh.tumblr.com

- Must be following me on Instagram : @rabbitcries

- I will check!

- after message me your Instagram on tumblr so I can verify that you have followed, then accept your request to join my giveaway

- re blogs count, and likes don’t

- winner will be announced on Sept 1st 2014 (eastern time)

- I will announce winner, it will be told most likely the day before it ends

- I’m using a online generator to choose so it it fair and square c:

- winner will not be announced on my blog, but will be messaged

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Sheer Floral Letterman - $9.99 + shipping
Sizes S-L


Sheer Floral Letterman - $9.99 + shipping

Sizes S-L

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Song: Second Guessing
Artist: Vagabonds
Album: The Neighborhood Sessions
Played: 36 times


I’m movin’,

I’m movin’ on.

(But I always say that, don’t I?)

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Pistoia Blues Festival 2014, Italy - x

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